New Snow Storm to Produce Snow Coast to Coast

The sharp southward plunge of the jet stream responsible for the colder weather and mountain snow this weekend in the West.

If you’re thinking warm weather is around the corner, think again! A new Storm System is developing that could literally sweep from Coast to Coast! After the snowiest single month on record for parts of New England, this time the West will join in the wintry weather, along with the Plains, Midwest and Northeast.  This kicks off with a major pattern change in the West.  February was largely dominated by an expansive ridge, or dome, of high pressure aloft that deflected the primary storm track into western Canada, keeping much of the region warm and dry. Starting Friday, the jet stream will take a sharp nosedive southward into the West, eventually closing off an area of low pressure over California and Nevada this weekend. As that happens, impulses of snow will slide down the Cascades, Great Basin and Rockies through Friday. This will include the desperately snow-starved Sierra. MORE INFO