New Chinese Electromagnetic weapon may paralyze US Air Defense The development of an X-ray pulse generator by the Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics under the Chinese Academy of Sciences has attracted the attention of Vassily Kashin, a expert at Russia’s Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, according to Moscow-based Sputinks News. Kashin believes that China’s electromagnetic weapon system based on the X-ray pulse generator has the potential to create a huge challenge to the United States in the Asia-Pacific region. It could be used to paralyze the air defense and anti-ballistic missile systems of the United States and its security partners including Japan, Taiwan and South Korea in the region. After that, the People’s Liberation Army could easily wreak havoc on the opposing force’s military facilities and hardwares with its own aircraft and ballistic missiles. With the electromagnetic weapon system, the US can no longer rely on smaller quick reaction forces to confront Chinese expansion, according to Kashin. He said that Washington must deploy more troops and invest more money to strengthen the defense capability of American military bases in the Western Pacific. Yet, Kashin said, the US will not be able to defend its interests in Asia if it devotes too much attention to the Ukrainian crisis. Chinese nationalist tabloid, the Global Times, said that Kashin wrote the article with political motives in mind. As one Chinese expert told the Global Times, Russia is exaggerating the threat of the Chinese electromagnetic weapon system to try and divert the attention of American forces away from Europe, and more specifically Ukraine, and focus more on the Asia-Pacific region. He went on to say that Kashin has no knowledge regarding the development of the Chinese X-ray pulse generator at all. Want China Times