Massive Sinkhole fills with water in a man’s backyard

In a matter of seconds, the timelapse video shows the sinkhole being completely flooded in a matter of seconds

Amazing footage has surfaced of a vast sinkhole in the backyard of a Darwin resident being flooded with about 100 million litres of water in a matter of seconds. The time lapse vision, which took place over about five hours during a cyclone last Friday, shows the sinkhole being completely engulfed . The owner of the Darwin River property where the sinkhole is situated said it is still standing after a week, reports NT News.  Lance Hart, who named the sinkhole Lake WTF, said his family regularly mount a camera onto a tree to document changes from the rain.  Between 4am and 9am, the crater was filled. ‘It’s like the whole thing filled up in around five hours,’ he told NT News. FULL STORY