Masses of dead fish wash ashore along beaches in Buenos Aires, ArgentinaA lot of dead fish have appeared at the seashore in the towns of the central region of the Party of La Costa, according alerted several neighbors and ENTRELÍNEAS.INFO could see. However, the phenomenon has spread to all the beaches of the district. A horrible scenery and an ugly smell for thousands and thousands of people who came to the beaches, which already suffer daily the much garbage is left at the end of each day cast by those attending rest. Given the situation with fish, consult the Argentina Naval Prefecture and they confirmed the issue. “We warned the situation this morning in a telephone complaint”, warned at the seat of Santa Teresita. The same is expressed in General Lavalle, where were unable to clarify the reasons. “Number of fish that were to review and investigate details have led,” he confirmed. Apparently, treated waste thrown into the sea by fishing boats. The situation has surprised vacationers on days where the temperature exceeds 30 ° C. loosely While still say they are investigating and could not be confirmed, the appearance of these fish is not a problem with seawater but are the product of waste from fishing vessels, according to the same source, originate in Mar del Plata. Source