Mark Levin: Obama ‘Is Building the Iranian Islamo-nazi Caliphate’While innocent people are being slaughtered in the Middle East and Africa by Islamist radicals, not unlike when the Jews were being rounded up and killed by the Nazis, President Barack Obama is “barely” responding and is instead negotiating with Iran and “building the Iranian Islamo-nazi caliphate,” said best-selling author and nationally syndicated conservative talk radio host Mark Levin.

Levin further said that the pressure is on to “destroy” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu because he was invited to speak before Congress by Republican leader John Boehner and, in his remarks, “might offend the Islamo-nazi regime in Tehran” and “offend Obama.”

“The way Marx put it is you have to destroy the existing society,” said Levin on his radio program on Feb. 5. “So, Obama looks at the Middle East and he says, look, just because Republican and Democrat presidents in the past, Republican and Democrat Congresses in the past have conducted themselves pretty much the same way doesn’t mean I’m going to.” “You know what Obama’s doing today?” said Levin. “He is building the Iranian Islamo-nazi caliphate. And I’ve been talking about this forever.”

A caliphate is an Islamic government that, in general, rules over large swaths of territory. The Islamic State, for instance, wants to impose a caliphate throughout the Middle East and destroy the state of Israel. Ultimately, their goal and that of millions of Muslims, is to establish a global caliphate: Islamic governments across Europe, Africa, the Far East and even the United States and Canada.

“It’s not just ISIS, although that would be bad enough,” said Levin. “We have competing crusades going on. And I don’t care about the Christian Crusade! Were not going to debate that today. What the heck does that have to do with anything? So now we’re supposed to chase history, and explain why there was a Christian Crusade? I’ve explained this before. The Christians rose up after hundreds of years of having enough of the Muslims.”

“Meanwhile, while Obama takes us into academic land, and wrongly so, people are being slaughtered,” Levin continued. “It would be as if FDR gave a speech to the nation, becoming aware of the rounding up of Jews, the beginning of the driving them into the concentration camps, slaughtering them in ovens and gas chambers and he wants to have a chat — about what? — German history. Jewish history.” More