Joe Biden and John Kerry Are Shunning Israel’s Prime Minister — But Guess Who They Did See This Weekend?A political storm was raging in Israel Sunday after the leader of the left-wing Zionist Camp said he had met Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry Saturday on the sidelines of an international security conference in Germany shortly after the same top U.S. officials had reportedly decided to shun Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he addresses a joint session of Congress next month. On Friday, Biden’s office said he would be out of the country on the day Netanyahu delivers his address to Congress and thus would not attend the speech, while aides to Kerry and President Barack Obama said last month they would not meet with Netanyahu when he is Washington, noting the visit takes place shortly before the Israeli election. Biden’s office did not say to which country he planned to travel in early March. Zionist Camp party leader Isaac Herzog told Israel’s Channel 10 News Saturday night, “It’s a complete boycott [of Netanyahu by the Obama administration]. Even if that’s not stated, that’s the story.”  The left-wing politician said Netanyahu “won’t get to meet with a single American official on this visit — not from the National Security Agency, not from the White House, not from the State Department.” Herzog is Netanyahu’s chief rival for prime minister when Israelis go to the polls March 17. Officials in both Biden’s and Kerry’s offices denied any pre-planned meetings had occurred with Israeli officials in Germany. A Biden aide told the Jerusalem Post that Herzog and Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz [Likud] separately greeted Biden “in passing” in Germany, but that “no meetings, formal or informal, were held with either official.” State Department Spokeswoman Jen Psaki also denied any formal or pre-planned meeting had taken place. She said three Israeli officials including Herzog and Steinitz had “separately greeted Kerry in passing in hallways, a hotel lobby, and at the margins of widely attended dinners at the Munich Security Conference.” More