Jewish and Gentile Apostolic Ministries Unite in the One New ManRecently in the city of Nazareth, Israel, where Yeshua/Jesus started His ministry, two of the more prominent apostolic ministries in the body of Messiah/Christ met to sign a significant document on the reconnection between Jew and Gentile in the Spirit. As the last days approach us, it is evident that if there were more healing between the two groups—especially from within the church—that there would be greater understanding and more tolerance of the roles between Jew and Gentile in the body. The meeting between Che Ahn from Harvest International Ministries and Dan Juster and Eitan Shiskoff from Tikkun International Ministries took a huge step in that direction and helps to recognize many of the issues from our past and present that keep the two groups divided—to help foster greater love and unity in the family of God.

HIM Ministries is one of the largest-growing church groups in the world with associations with over 30,000 churches and ministries. HIM has a significant focus on releasing church ministry back into the five-fold and is experiencing tremendous growth in this area. Tikkun International Ministries with its apostolic leadership fully established in the land of Israel is associated to numerous Messianic Congregations in the United States, as well as in many other parts of the world and is seeking to broaden its messianic appeal by working with the local churches throughout the Nations.

The meeting was put together by author Grant Berry of Reconnecting Ministries. He recently introduced his latest book on the reconnection (The Ezekiel Generation published by Destiny Image), and also writes for Charisma News’ Standing With Israel section. Berry is associated to both apostolic groups and recently felt a directive from the Holy Spirit to help bring them together to more fully recognize the great significance of this spiritual reconnection between Jew and Gentile in the body. One of the great challenges of the one new man teaching that Yeshua/Jesus brought about through the cross and resurrection (Eph. 2:14-22) is that there are numerous interpretations of it in the church and messianic bodies, and many in the family of God hold rigidly to their differing theologies. More