Is Your End-Times Theology a Hindrance to Revival?I recently received an email from an individual who chided me for encouraging people to pray and believe God for another great spiritual awakening. He exhorted me that these are the last days and, therefore, no great revival will occur before the coming of the Lord. His gloomy, fatalistic eschatology (theology of the end) obviously left no room for God to work mightily in these days.  Sadly, this brother is like so many today whose doctrine of the end times precludes any hope of God visiting America, Europe and the world with another great spiritual awakening. This has happened because of an unhealthy preoccupation of the end that focuses exclusively on the evil that is predicted. Out of this has emerged a dark, fatalistic eschatology that is robbing the church of faith for revival in this generation. Here are 5 reasons we can expect great revival in the last days, and why our eschatology must make room for such revival: (1) It was prophesied by Peter; (2) it was alluded to by Jesus; (3) my experience informs me it is so; (4) past revivalists considered great revivals to be part of the last days; (5) eschatology is very tenuous and should not be the basis for denying the possibility of revival in our day. More