Ireland's Prime Minister Endorses Same-Sex MarriageIreland’s prime minister Enda Kenny has now given his approval of same-sex marriage, urging voters to say “yes” on an upcoming referendum to redefine the institution, reports LifeSiteNews. During his address to the Fine Gael national conference, the prime minister said that approving the referendum would show the world that the once predominantly Catholic Ireland has now become a “fair, compassionate, and tolerant nation.” “I believe that this is the right thing to do. I, and the Fine Gael Party, strongly support a Yes vote,” Kenny said. Various Irish news outlets attributed Kenny’s sudden choice to go public with his endorsement from recent coming out statements made by Ireland’s Health Minister Leo Varadkar last month that he is homosexual. Varadkar’s coming out echoed previous statements made by former Irish government Minister for Equality Pat Carey, who said in an interview that he hoped his coming out would help encourage conservative and traditional voters to redefine marriage. FULL STORY