Hundreds of fish 'suddenly die' in Georges River, 'reason unknown' in AustraliaHundreds of fish were found floating belly-up in the Georges River at Moorebank on Saturday but the culprit remains a mystery. A fisherman called the Environmental Protection Authority after noticing the river surface was clogged with dead fish, leading to a snap investigation of the site. There have been suggestions a chemical spill caused the fish deaths but authorities are still unsure as to what happened.  An EPA spokeswoman said early tests of the water found the pH, conductivity and oxygen levels were normal. Liverpool Council was ­notified and, due to the enormity of the task, emergency services were called in to help clean up.  St Andrews Fire Station duty commander Rob Jansen said four boats were ­required to set up boom nets and collect the dead fish over the weekend. Carp, bass, mullet, yellow bellies and eels were all found floating in the river. “We have absolutely no idea what caused it, it ­depends on the findings of the EPA,” Mr Jansen said. “The full set of test results are due back to the EPA in the next couple of days and this should give us an idea of the type of pollution present, whether there is pesticide or metals impacting fish, for ­example,” the EPA spokeswoman said. MORE