Hundreds of dead fish and birds found in a lagoon in General Baldissera, Argentina. GENERAL BALDISSERA – A resident of this town on social media published a series of images of the nearby lagoon General Baldissera in which hundreds of dead fish and birds observed in moribund state.  By the time the reason that generated this slaughter of animals in one of the most visited natural sites in the area is unknown.  Photographs published in the dead fish floating on the surface, a large amount of algae, and other dead birds dying observed. The scenario is worrying and generated an alert among the residents of the rural area.  The affected lagoon is located in the southeast of Cordoba, a few kilometers south of the town of General Baldissera. While it is not exploited the sheet of water for fishing, usually go for the activity groups informally. Since last week the lagoon shows part of his dead fauna. Witnesses thought the situation would be temporary motivated by some climatological question.  However, as of last Monday a greater number of animals are observed lifeless.  The journalist Ivan Ghi, FM Urban Monte Corn, published the photographs that reflect the situation in social networks. In the same dead fish and birds, and the surface of the fully enclosed lagoon vegetation are observed.  This is the first time the lake has this problem, so some neighbors and regular fishermen agree that they could have thrown some chemical liquid in place that affected animals.  Note that the gap is in the middle of a purely agricultural area in which soybean performed. A daily performing fumigation by region or ground equipment applied in seed lots planes are observed.  At the moment, were not found in drums or containers of chemicals dumped area, although a complaint may be done for Environment of the Province to investigate the incident. From Prevention Network Monte Corn, developers tasks awareness of the health of people, they regretted what happened and alerted those who usually consumed in fishing and fish. May generate health problem in those taking these animals as they present an advanced state of putrefaction. More