Hundreds of ‘Churches’ to Celebrate ‘Evolution Sunday’ as Others Celebrate ‘Creation Sunday’Nearly 500 “churches” in the United States will commemorate Charles Darwin’s birthday this week with “Evolution Sunday,” but many other congregations plan to recognize the biblical Creator and celebrate “Creation Sunday” instead. February 12, Darwin’s birthday, is commemorated each year by atheists as International Darwin Day. However, many “churches” also plan to celebrate the birth of the notorious naturalist by following the advice of atheist Dr. Michael Zimmerman and hosting “Evolution Sunday” or “Evolution Weekend” events. “Evolution Weekend is an opportunity for serious discussion and reflection on the relationship between religion and science,” Zimmerman’s website says. “An ongoing goal has been to elevate the quality of the discussion on this critical topic, and to show that religion and science are not adversaries.” Since 2006, thousands of congregations that believe the Bible and evolution are compatible have observed Evolution Sunday and similar events. So far, nearly 500 congregations have pledged to recognize the event this year, with California, Pennsylvania, New York, and Ohio being the states with the most participating “churches.”  To counter the Evolution Sunday apostasy, many churches are planning to instead observe “Creation Sunday” as an affirmation of their beliefs in biblical creation. Tony Breeden, founder and organizer of Creation Sunday, told Christian News Network that biblical creation beliefs are important, because “evolution undermines the authority of God’s Word and the foundational basis of the gospel.” “If I can’t trust the plain meaning of the Bible in Genesis because of the all-natural presuppositions of science, why should I trust it when it speaks of a Virgin birth, water turning into wine, the resurrection of Christ, or any other supernatural claim in the Bible?” Breeden asked. “It’s a slippery slope and it undermines the foundational basis of the Gospel itself.” Breeden explained that Evolution Sunday is based upon the unbiblical concept of non-overlapping magisteria—also known as NOMA. According to NOMA, science and religion are incompatible with each other, because science allegedly deals with facts and theories while religion deals with morality and meaning. More