How the tongue and eyes reveal your body's healthMany people today suffer from unusual health conditions that don’t seem to have an obvious cause, and that doctors often dismiss as overblown, or worse, nonexistent. Finding answers isn’t always easy, but health practitioner Tina Taekema has put together a course known as “Mirror of the Body” that might be able to help. Combining her expertise in kinesiology, “tongue-ology” and iridology, Taekema developed a program for people to use at home that allows for diseases to be identified and eliminated, sometimes as quickly as in just a few days. The effectiveness of the course lies in its ability to target the root causes of pain, lack of mobility, fatigue and other conditions.

The conventional medical system is constantly trying to treat symptoms without actually identifying why they’re occurring, which never produces lasting benefits. With Taekema’s program, you will learn how to successfully recover from what ails you by better understanding how your body works, particularly through the lens of the eyes and tongue.

Taekema’s techniques will help you gain a clearer picture of the health of every organ and gland in your body, which is vital for true healing. By adopting her approach, you and your family will be able to quickly identify what really is wrong when you feel nauseated, for instance, or when you’re just not feeling like your real self.

As explained on her website, Taekema’s approach is empowering because its proven techniques help unlock the mysteries of the body so the average person can understand how it works. And it does this through simple visual inspections of the eyes and tongue, as well as basic muscle testing protocols. “Our bodies are finely balanced,” says Taekema. “When there is an imbalance, visual color and contour changes takes place.” More