‘He Redeemed My Life': Man Who Lived as Woman for Years Now Shares Christ With TransgendersA California man who obtained a sex change operation in the 1980’s to live as a woman and later reverted back to his biological gender is sharing his story of how God redeemed his life and gave him hope. Walt Heyer lived as Laura Jensen for eight years and even had a job with the U.S. government while living as a transgender, but says that having a physical operation did nothing to resolve the mental and emotional struggles that he faced. Heyer told the Daily Mail recently that he believes his problems stem from his childhood, when he was sexually abused by one relative and cross-dressed by another. “[M]y grandmother, when I was being babysat by her, started dressing me in female clothing. She even made me a purple chiffon evening dress,” he recalled. “And when dad found out what grandma had been doing, and dressing me up like a girl, it did change everything.”  “[My father’s] adopted brother Fred began to sexually molest me,” Heyer said. His mother’s strong disciplinarian personality was also difficult to cope with as well. “Mom’s discipline got even more severe,” Heyer explained, “and I would learn much later in life that on one occasion, her discipline was so tough she thought she had almost killed me.”  He said that the insecurity he felt over the circumstances soon led him to believe that he was a girl trapped in a boy’s body, and he began becoming more recluse. Although Heyer went on to marry and have children, at the age of 37, he decided to obtain a sex change operation to become a woman. He said that he divorced his wife just before the operation because he did not want to put her through the ordeal. However, his children were not happy with how the situation was destroying their family. More