Former Strip Club Turned into a Missionary Site

A former strip club turned coffee shop and office space for the multisite Bethany Community Church, based in Seattle. The shop, known as One Cup, is located in Shoreline, a city north of Seattle.

I love hearing stories like this one coming out of Washington State. A church in Washington state is converting a former strip club into an evangelistic facility that’s serving the community seven days a week. What the enemy intended for evil has now been used for the “Glory of God! ¬†Bethany Community Church, a Seattle-based multi-site congregation founded in 1900, acquired the former strip club called “Sugars” and has turned it into a site for missions. The strip club was located in the city of Shoreline, which is north of Seattle. The facility will serve as part of Bethany Community Church North. Scott Sund, lead pastor for Bethany North, told The Christian Post about how the church came to possess the strip club. FULL STORY