Florida city spies on churches and demands licenses

Pastor Mike Olive, Common Ground Church

All the Ministers of the Gospel in Florida better pay attention to what is going on in your state! WND is reporting that The City of Lake Worth, in Palm Beach County, Florida has taken the position that all churches are required to obtain a “business license” to conduct worship services. It is using city employees to covertly attend services and acquire evidence, including video, “for future court presentation.” A City-code enforcement officer, Gerard A. Coscia was reportedly sent to the Common Ground Church on Feb. 9 to clandestinely film the worship service, reported the Examiner. The following Sunday, Coscia returned to the church, which meets in the Coffee Grounds Coffee Bar, handed his business card to pastor Mike Olive and told him, “This Sunday is your last Sunday.” Olive said he had never received a notice from the city for any violation of any local law, and only learned a non-compliance affidavit had been issued when a church employee checked the city website. The noose of persecution is getting tighter and tighter day by day and many of you believe that America will never experience such persecution that we see overseas from tyrannical governments but the times have changed and a new wind is blowing thru the land! FULL STORY