Fish kill discovered in Manila Bay, PhilippinesWho’s surprised by this? “The Bureau of Fisheries and Acquatic Resources (BFAR) has revealed that oxygen depletion in the waters near the Manila Yacht Club may have caused a fish kill yesterday morning, Monday, February 16,” report Evelyn Macairan and Czeriza Valencia in The Philippine Star. The report noted: “The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) confirmed that dozens of dead mullet fish were seen floating in Manila Bay near the breakwater.” BFAR found out that the dissolved oxygen levels from three sampling stations were at 1.2. That is, as the report indicated, “way below the normal oxygen level of 5 or more” to be able to sustain marine life. The PCG likewise added, “Apparently, the water quality in the Manila Yacht Club breakwater is polluted due to stagnation, hence the cause of the fish kill.” The PCG also pointed out that “there had been no chemical or oil spills that could cause the fish kill.” Source