'Fifty Shades of Grey' Could Break 'Passion of the Christ's' RecordAmerica has spoken! And the verdict is that they would rather flock to theatres and watch Sexual Immorality rather than a depiction of what our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ paid to bring us Eternal Life! When Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ premiered in 2004, it shattered box office records for the month of February, telling the ultimate love story. Now, Fifty Shades of Grey is encroaching on those records.   Passion debuted at $83.9 million over its opening three-day weekend, while Fifty Shades brought in $81.6 million in three days, and more than $94.4 million over the Valentine’s/Presidents Day weekend.   Before it’s premiere, the New York Times reported it broke records for advance-ticket sales, especially in the Bible belt South.   Passion is considered the highest-grossing, R-rated film of all time, at $370,782,930, according to Box Office Mojo, followed by American Sniper. In the four days since its premiere, Fifty Shades has already made its way onto the list as well, at spot No. 105.  Fifty Shades, while reaching astounding numbers, has been poorly received by critics.  Rotten Tomatoes gives it 26 percent acceptance, barely half of Passion’s 49 percent.  The Atlantic called it “dull … the lowest-hanging fruit in cinematic history.” Charisma