DAYS OF NOAH - Stem Cells can be used to make Human Egg and Sperm Cells

A gene called SOX17 is critical in the process of ‘reprogramming’ human cells, researchers said. They have succeeded in showing these very early human stem cells can be made in a dish. Photo: Special Arrangement

Humanity may have crossed a treacherous threshold as Researchers led by an Indian-origin scientist, have shown that stem cells from the skin of two adults of the same sex can be used to make human egg and sperm cells. What this means is, there is no longer a need for the opposite sex to “create Life”. What could possibly go wrong with “Playing God” and altering the creation of Life? Scientists at Cambridge University collaborated with Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science and used stem cell lines from embryos as well as from the skin of five different adults. Previously scientists created live baby mice using engineered eggs and sperm, but until now have struggled to create a human version of these ‘primordial germ’ or stem cells. Researchers claim that Ten different donor sources have been used so far and new germ-cell lines have been created from all of them. A gene called SOX17, previously considered to be unimportant in mice, has turned out to be critical in the process of ‘reprogramming’ human cells, researchers said.  Jacob Hanna, the specialist leading the project’s Israeli arm, said it may be possible to use the technique to create a baby in just two years. “It has already caused interest from gay groups because of the possibility of making egg and sperm cells from parents of the same sex,” he said. SOURCE AND FULL STORY