Clueless Americans say Obama should completely repeal the Bill of Rights in the name of security Are there really some Americans who say they would support President Obama repealing the Bill of Rights — the Constitution’s first 10 amendments, those which essentially contain our core of civil rights and legal protections from government — if he promised to make us safer? Yes, there really are. What’s more, they are on camera saying they are ready to let the president take away their most fundamental rights in the name of national security. As seen in the video below, shot by political prankster Mark Dice, Obama supporters are asked if they would support repeal of the Bill of Rights in exchange for protection from terrorists. “Yeah, I would agree with that, yeah,” says the second person Dice speaks with (the first one in the video, an older gentlemen, said he couldn’t say for sure because he hadn’t “studied the issue enough”). Dice continues to bait the second interviewee, another man, who continues to dig a deeper hole by failing to understand the implications of what he agreed to. “He [Obama] is surrounded by a bunch of economic and political advisors,” Dice continues, “and if they’re saying we should repeal the Bill of Rights, they probably know what’s best for us, right?” “You would hope so, yeah, absolutely,” the man responds. In the next frame, Dice lays out the scenario again to a younger female interviewee, who simply says he should ask her husband, because she doesn’t “follow it close enough to know, really.”  More