Authorities seek to sterilise mother-of-six with learning disabilities by force.A mother-of-six with learning disabilities could be sterilised after health authority and social services bosses asked a judge for permission to force entry into her home, restrain her and take her to hospital. The woman, who is in her 30s, has had her children removed from her care and authorities say she has physical health problems which could put her life in danger if she became pregnant again. A judge at the Court of Protection in London examined the case last week at a two-day public hearing. Mr Justice Cobb, who told lawyers he was dealing with a case of “enormous gravity”, is due to deliver a ruling soon. Authorities have said the moves are in the woman’s best interests. Barrister John McKendrick, who represented a health authority, hospital trust and council involved in the case, said the rulings sought were “extraordinary” and would involve serious interference with the woman’s basic human rights, but he said they were necessary. They say the woman could be at “grave” risk if action is not taken, while specialists say she lacks the mental capacity to make decisions about treatment. Lawyers appointed by the court to represent the woman’s interests have backed the plan put forward by health and social services officials. They have agreed the woman “lacks capacity” because her mind is impaired. Mr Justice Cobb, who has ruled that no-one involved can be identified, received details of the issues in written legal submissioms. The judge has given permission for a reporter who attended the court hearing to be given access to documents. More