Are We Opening the Door to a Holocaust in America?

We need pastors to stand up and pray for mercy. (

Article By DAVID LANE – Secularism dismisses Christianity as a cultural relic, “A primitive form of knowledge, a consolation for the weak-minded.”1 Not only is this off-target, it’s dangerous. The notion that the State can impart virtue is absurdly false. America’s Founders created a new form of government distinctly rooted in biblical principles. An exceptional people, seeped in biblical thought, biblical values, and God-emulating character birthed what Ronald Reagan called, “the idea of America.” Freedom requires Biblical virtue; righteousness is fundamental to a free people. Secularism has driven Christian faith from the public square. It segregates us dictating: “You can practice your faith in private if you wish. You can worship inside a church building. You can host Vacation Bible School at your church facilities. But don’t bring biblical values to public school, don’t pray, read the Bible or mention Jesus in the classroom, locker room or cafeteria. Don’t speak about Jesus in public and definitely not on television, radio, or mention him in movies.” FULL ARTICLE