Arctic blast targets 1,500-mile-wide swath of USNortheasterners weary after a second winter blast in as many weeks are being warned: Don’t pack away your heavy-duty gear just yet. That’s because a 1,500-mile-wide current of Arctic air promises to plunge the Midwest and Northeast into a deep freeze — and it’s not going to release its grip for the rest of the work week. “We’re in a below-average pattern, and I could see that happening for the next five days or so,” David Hamrick, a National Weather Service meteorologist, told

Temperatures in the upper Midwest to the Northeast will drop into the teens and single digits late Monday, with parts of Maine, Vermont, upstate New York and Michigan experiencing sub-zero conditions. Winter weather warnings remained in effect throughout New England, where snow was expected to continue to fall until midnight, Hamrick said. He added that New England and parts of coastal New Jersey may see a few snow showers late Thursday into Friday, though forecasters were not predicting a major event.

Already, the storm has done a number on commuters in the Northeast. reported early Monday evening that more than 4,100 flights within, into or out of the U.S. were canceled, and about 3,500 were delayed. About a million seats were affected, impacting about 600,000 travelers. Trains were delayed, driving was dangerous and even the subway in New York City struggled with the storm. A No. 7 train in the borough of Queens lost power for 2 ½ hours, and a rescue train had to be sent for the stranded passengers. “Everyone on the train was in decent spirits, since there was literally nothing we could do about it,” passenger Ashley Carr said in an email. More