Air Force Overlooks Disrespectful Display of the American Flag in Favor of Political CorrectnessI noticed something strange as I drove through Davis Monthan Air Force Base, in Tuscon, Arizona last week. It was an American flag with rainbow stripes instead of the standard red and white stripes flying high on a two story house…on government property. For those of you with military ties, you’ll understand the stark contrast between military and civilian life, and ultimately know duty comes before self. More specifically, it’s one of the Air Force‘s three core values that is drilled into us in Basic Military Training.  Everyone is free to express their sexual preferences in the Military in any way they want, but this flag flying on a military base is in violation of Title 4 of the U.S. Code. More specifically Title 4 U.S. Code – Section 1: Flag; stripes and stars on: The flag of the United States shall be thirteen horizontal stripes, alternate red and white; and the union of the flag shall be fifty stars, white in a blue field. The flag I saw is a parody of the American Flag with 50 white stars in the union, smeared with the rainbow colors as the stripes. The moment the flag took on the union stars is where it becomes a violation, with my understanding of the U.S. Code. After posting the story on social media, I was contacted by hundreds of active duty Airmen thanking me for being their voice. One of these servicemen who reached out to me is an Active Duty Air Force master sergeant, and for his own protection I have left out his name. What he sent me summed up the issues that our Airmen are facing: More