16.5 TONS of fish 'die suddenly' in Lake Maninjau, IndonesiaAbout 16.5 tonnes of fish floating cages in Lake Maninjau, Agam, West Sumatra, died suddenly as a result of reduced oxygen levels in the bottom of the volcanic lake waters since January 27 to February 3, 2015.  Head of Marine and Fisheries (DKP) Agam, Ermanto, in Lubuk cone on Wednesday, said that about 16.5 tons of fish have died suddenly in the Gasan and Koto Kaciak with an amount of about 10 units of floating net cages. “This is the information I perolah of fishing instructor in the district of Tanjung Raya,” he said. As a result, farmers suffered losses of around Rp363 million, because the price per kilogram of fish Rp22.000. He added that this sudden fish death due to reduced oxygen levels in the waters of Lake Maninjau, after high winds hit the area. With these conditions, fish in floating net cages become dizzy and a few hours after the fish died instantly. To cope with substantial losses, farmers must harvest the fish that are harvested early, reducing provide fish feed, reducing seeding. “Previously we have warned farmers not to undertake farming activities for a while,” he said. He added that the death of fish floating net cages is the first in 2015. While in 2014 as much as 1087.38 tons, in 2013 eight tons, in 2012 as much as 300 tons, 500 tons in 2011 and 2010 as many as 500 tons. Separately, Regent Agam, Indra Catri adding local authorities continue to remind the public not to make the cultivation of fish at the end and the beginning of the year. But farmers still do fish farming activities, so that they drop dead fish and they suffered losses. More