135 turtles found dead between Dec and Jan in Italy , very worrying "situation"Recovered off the Adriatic coast, six specimens of loggerhead turtles. The turtles were rescued by boat Rimas Cesenatico after, fell in two of trawls, were entangled in the mesh: two recorded the good state of health, were released into the sea, the other four – try by staying in networks – were hospitalized in the center of care and rehabilitation of Cetacean Foundation in Riccione. Pets, taken ashore by boat, were greeted by ARPA-Daphne, by the staff of the Harbour and the means of Cetacean Foundation. The rescue of today, goes to swell the list of episodes of finds of dead turtles and lives off the Adriatic coast in the months of December and January – reads a note from the Foundation riccionese – the number of finds of dead specimens on beaches of Emilia-Romagna and Marche was 149 and 14 of those recovered alive, compared with 40 dead and 19 lives last year. “A very worrying situation – the statement said – because it is natural to ask what happens to the turtles caught by the other numerous boats Adriatic probably are put in the water even when they are very debilitated then going to swell the number of death.” Through the ‘Tarta Life, the European project also involved Foundation Cetacea, systems are being developed that can greatly reduce the incidental catch of sea turtles. More