youtube-appInternet company Google said on Wednesday that its video-sharing website YouTube is so inundated that staff cannot filter all terror-related content, complicating the struggle to halt the publication of terrorist propaganda and hostage videos. Google public policy manager Verity Harding said 300 hours of video material is being uploaded to YouTube every minute, making it virtually impossible for all images to be filtered. Harding spoke at a European parliament meeting of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (Alde) on a counter-terrorism action plan. She said that “to pre-screen those videos before they are uploaded would be like screening a phone call before it’s made”. The EU’s counter-terror chief believes it is time to help companies contain the security risk by having experts from member states flagging terror-related content. “We have to help them, and refer to them, and signal content,” Gilles de Kerchove said. “Each member state should have a unit with people trained to do that.” More