israel-idf-planning-to-strike-iranian-nuclear-facilities-october-2013The million dollar question is: Will Israel make good on its threats to attack Iran’s complex nuclear program, which is relatively vast, concealed and well protected? Israel has a historical precedent for destroying enemy nuclear sites in the Middle East. They struck the Osirak reactor located in the heartland of Iraq in June of 1981. Then, just before midnight on September 5, 2007, four Israeli F-15s and four F-16s skirted the skies over the Syrian-Turkish border, to avoid radar detection, and attacked the Al-Kibar Syrian nuclear facility on September 6, 2007. The answer to this question is emphatically YES! Israel is prepared to strike Iran if necessary. They take Ayatollah Khamenei’s threats of annihilation seriously and literally. Iran’s Supreme Leader has called Israel a “fake Zionist regime,” a “cancerous tumor” and a “rabid dog.” In a recent tweet tirade the Ayatollah wrote: “This barbaric, wolflike & infanticidal regime of #Israel which spares no crime has no cure but to be annihilated.”(1) Shortly after tweeting this genocidal remark, Khamenei posted his 9-point plan to destroy Israel on his Twitter account. The grim reality for Israel is that a conventional-weapons attack against Iran now, is much more preferable to the nuclear war that is certain to come. Strategic logic encourages the possibility that Israel will strike Iran in the near future. With Iran’s November 24, 2014 nuclear negotiations deadline coming up empty and the November 4, 2014 American midterm elections swaying heavily Republican, the timing for Israel to attack Iran draws near. This is because the current political climate in the US Congress is mostly pro-Israel and anti-Iran. Israel should be able to garnish more US approval to confront Iran now than when negotiations were racing toward their November 24th deadline, and the Senate was controlled by the Democrats. Now that the geo-political case has been briefly made for the potential coming confrontation between Israel and Iran, let me introduce the prophet Jeremiah’s prophecy of Elam. The ancient territory of Elam is located in modern day Iran. It is situated in the westernmost part of the country bordering much of the Persian Gulf. More