What_Taco_Bell_And_McDonald's-821284c84e916d68c9637a6aa45ddc87Jessica Freed A Michigan chiropractor has been saving a Taco Bell chicken taco and McDonald’s cheeseburger with fries for two years, and none of the items have appeared to rot.  Dr. Jaqueline Vaughn purchased the meals in early 2013 and put them on display in her office, Vaughn Chiropractic, in Waterford, Michigan. The meals have remained there ever since, sitting uncovered next to the patient sign-in sheet.  None of the food has grown mold or started to smell, according to Jessica Freed, a chiropractic assistant who works in the office. Jessica Freed “You would think there would at least be bugs coming around, but we don’t see any at all,” Freed told Business Insider.  She said the office displays the food to remind patients that fast food is unhealthy. “Fast food is just terrible for you,” she said. “We  are showing our patients that it won’t mold and even the bugs won’t touch it.” More