Mosquito-Sucking-BloodPandemics like the Ebola virus have made headlines around the world lately, but one medical expert said recently that the bigger threat to health comes from tropical diseases being spread by hordes of insects. In an interview with Fox News, Dr. Mark Siegel, professor of medicine at NYU’s Langone Medical Center, said that a few tropical diseases are being spread to the United States at an increasing pace. He also noted that, because they are being spread via insects, it is much more difficult to prevent or control the spread. “The problem is, local insects are picking up these diseases,” Siegel explained on Fox News’ House Call program. “That’s what I need people out there to know.” Siegal noted that, as Americans travel to other countries, they are bitten and infected by insects endemic to those regions. Then travelers return to the country and the infection can be spread to local insects. More