531a394d-3ace-4db9-a2f0-d91458497ff5An American political commentator says Japan’s Sony Corporation was probably behind the recent hacking of Sony Pictures Entertainment’s online networks and the illegal dissemination of at least five of the company’s films. James Henry Fetzer, who is an editor at Veterans Today and retired professor in Madison, Wisconsin, made the remarks in a phone interview with Press TV on Sunday. North Korea said on Saturday it would cancel any future nuclear test if the United States agrees to suspend its annual joint military maneuvers with South Korea this year. According North Korea’s official KCNA news agency, Pyongyang said it was “ready to take such a responsive step as temporarily suspending the nuclear test over which the US is concerned.” Fetzer called North Korea’s suggestion very reasonable, adding, “This is about as objective and rational proposal as we encounter in international affairs today.” “And it is or would be arrogant of the United States not to take this proposal seriously,” he stated. “We have, of course, recently experienced the hacking of Sony which the United States claims came from North Korea, but which North Korea denies,” he continued. US officials claim that Pyongyang hacked the Hollywood studio to make it cancel the planned release of “The Interview” movie depicting the fictional assassination of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un. More