454219-u-s-president-barack-obama-r-and-russias-president-vladimir-putin-atteLower oil prices will continue to worsen Russia’s economic crisis and prompt Russian President Vladimir Putin to resign. Noted analyst and former Morgan Stanley senior strategist Byron Wien has predicted that the declining price of crude oil will ultimately lead to Mr Putin’s resignation from office.  According to Wien’s forecast as reported in Bloomberg, oil prices will drop to the $40 level before recovering to above $70 because of demand from emerging markets. Wien said the oil slump will force Iran to roll back its weapons progamme and in the credit market, a great buying opportunity will be created because of the energy slump. Wien’s predictions follow the Finnish Foreign Minister’s statement that European sanctions against Russia are not meant to do harm to the country. Erkki Tuomioja reacted to the French leader’s statement urging the EU to stop sanctions against Moscow. More