454896-russiaThe British Ministry of Defence was forced to request assistance from the U.S. Navy in tracking down a Russian submarine detected near Scotland. Two U.S. Navy aircraft were called in to help conduct anti-submarine patrols alongside the Royal Navy Frigate near Faslane, Argyll.  According to the Independent, critics have questioned the ability of UK military to protect its nuclear submarines after the Nimrod surveillance aircraft of the Royal Air Force was scrapped in 2010. Peter Roberts, a Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies senior fellow, said the cancelled project has left a “gaping chasm” in the UK’s defence capabilities and has left the army dependent on assistance from its allies. Roberts said the deployment of U.S. Navy aircraft and the HMS Somerset are related to Britain’s struggle to maintain the security of its borders after cutting its Nimrod surveillance fleet. UK Parliament defence committee member Julian Lewis had described the scrapping of Nimrod as “lethal.” More