jesus1-620x447Adults and children in Latin America and Spain, among other locations, are celebrating Three Kings’ Day Tuesday, a joyous religious holiday that is held each year on the 12th day after Christmas. The event marks the moment the wise men, also known as the Magi, followed a “star” in the sky and met Jesus Christ sometime after his birth, as recounted in the Bible. It is that symbol in the heavens — the so-called “Christmas star” — that has captivated believers for centuries, finding its way into traditional nativity displays, songs and even research initiatives. Consider that Dr. Grant J. Mathews, a professor of theoretical astrophysics and cosmology and the director of the school’s Center for Astrophysics, is among the experts who has invesigated “unusual events in the sky” near the time of Christ’s birth. Matthews, who believes that it’s “quite likely” the Christmas star referenced in the Bible led the Magi to Jesus’ location sometime following his birth, recently told TheBlaze that he began years ago investigating modern archives of astronomical observations to see what might have unfolded. More