Universal-flu-vaccine-in-development-could-be-ready-soonResearchers at Mount Sinai Health System say a universal flu vaccine is currently in the works. While the vaccine has yet to prove it can protect humans, researchers say the science is sound and the vaccine may soon be a reality. “We would hope that in a couple of years we’ll have a universal flu vaccine,” Mount Sinai Health System CEO and President Kenneth Davis told CNBC last week. A universal flu vaccine would protect against all strains of the flu and would remain effective for at least a decade, maybe more. “It could potentially protect someone for a whole lifetime,” Dr. Peter Palese, the head of the microbiology department at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, told ABC News this week. The vaccine would protect against the myriad flu strains by attacking the base of each virus — the part that doesn’t change from year to year, strain to strain. More