lightsEerie security footage captured last month at a high school in Idaho purportedly shows a transparent figure emerging in a hallway as lights inside of the building seemingly — and inexplicably — flicker on and off. The scene, which has caught the attention of paranormal investigators over the past few weeks, apparently took place at Pocatello High School in Pocatello, Idaho, on December 19, while students and staff were out on winter break, KIDK-TV reported. Multiple cameras reportedly show lights flickering on and off — but that’s not the only element that is said to have unfolded before police reportedly showed up at the school that evening. Some claim that a moving “figure” was captured on one of those cameras. Here’s how KIDK-TV explains the supposed transparent figure: “The footage shows a dark, shadow-like figure of an adult up against the drinking fountain before it walks over to the bathroom, walks back out and down the hallway.” More