gay-wedding-ceremony“If evangelical Christianity is famous for anything in contemporary American politics, it is for its complete opposition to gay marriage. Now, slowly yet undeniably, evangelicals are changing their minds.” Those are the words of Elizabeth Dias, a Time magazine writer who penned an article that aims to demonstrate: “How Evangelicals Are Changing Their Minds on Gay Marriage.” Yes, that’s right. Dias espouses that pastors may be toeing the biblical line publicly but is certain that “behind the scenes, it’s a whole different game.” She insists that “every day, evangelical communities across the country are arriving at new crossroads over marriage.” Pretty bold, broad and sweeping conclusions, don’t you think? Let me ask you a question: Have you changed your mind about gay marriage? Has the gay lobby slowly but surely convinced you that it’s OK for Adam to marry Steve just because activist judges say they can? Or do you still believe in the unchanging Word of God? More