Bobby-Jindal-Preaching-CBNFrom worship to prayer, thousands joined together on the campus of Louisiana State University for a weekend faith gathering called, “The Response: Louisiana.” The event, led by Gov. Bobby Jindal, was designed as a way for Christians to come together and seek spiritual revival for America. “It always starts in one place and we’re just praying that the prayers we send out today are going to spread to our nation,” attendee Angel Heath said. Jindal asked all of his fellow U.S. governors to join him in Baton Rouge.  “Our God is an awesome God, amen!” Jindal declared before the crowd. “We’re going to plea for Him to send His Spirit, His healing Spirit, a Spirit of revival in this place, all across this state, all across this blessed land.” The night before the event, Jindal told a group of pastors how the Lord had been orchestrating this moment for decades. “Twenty-seven years ago I accepted Christ as my lord and savior on the LSU campus,” Jindal shared. More