crowdshot-BGEAOn Monday, Jan. 5, at 2:07 PM, about three dozen people were on the BGEA website, For at least four of those people, that minute marked a choice that carries eternal weight: the decision to accept Jesus Christ as their God and Savior. Anyone eying the ministry’s Google Earth feature at 2:07 would have seen the spinning globe zero in on Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, before turning counterclockwise to mark a decision on the other side of the world, in San Francisco. Seconds later, the green marker returned to the Middle East, as it often does, recording a salvation decision in Kabul, Afghanistan. In the next five minutes, decisions for Christ were indicated in Egypt, India, Iraq, Mexico and the United States. Each person visiting the site had the option to live chat with a trained e-counselor, ask questions and receive online follow-up materials to strengthen their walk with God. That’s a 60-second snapshot of Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s Internet outreach, which marked its 5 millionth decision for Christ in November. Through Internet Evangelism and BGEA’s other ministries, from My Hope to the Rapid Response Teammore than 9 million people heard the gospel in 2014. More