102341915-461479020.530x298Wikimedia Commons Last week, the Swiss National Bank shocked markets by announcing that it would abandon its currency peg of 1.2 Swiss francs to 1 euro.   Following that move, the franc rapidly appreciated in value, gaining as much as 41% against the euro at one point, and put entities ranging from currency brokers to hedge funds under major duress. In a weekly strategy report on Tuesday, however, Oppenheimer’s John Stoltzfus writes that while the SNB’s decision was a shock, it would not be the last surprise investors face in the market. “We believe the SNB’s action last week will ultimately be seen in the rearview mirror of market history as simply part of a process that came ahead of the launch of ‘QE ECB style,'” Stoltzfus writes. “For now, we believe investors should remain focused on their goals and objectives, not losing sight of them even as more surprises likely lie ahead.” The market is still digesting both the implications of the SNB’s decision and the reasoning behind it. More