Keyboard-2015-CrashTo fully understand the insanity of modern-day delusional “everything is awesome!” thinking, you have to rewind to the years of 1998 – 2001. Back then, both the mainstream media and citizen masses were all riding the delusional mind game train that supposed we could all get rich by trading each other pieces of paper with larger and larger numbers written on them. It was called the “dot-com boom” and it was a wildly popular mass delusion that swept up nearly everyone. The irrational exuberance of the time, you must understand, seems wildly insane in retrospect. But in the midst of the dot-com insanity, people were mortgaging their homes to buy dot-com stocks. Financial news hosts were telling us that “all the laws of economics have now changed” and that we no longer had to pay any attention at all to actual company earnings. The new paradigm, we were promised, would create money from nothing from the sheer valuation of dot-com companies that had no customers, no profits and not even any revenues. (Those of us who invoked the fundamental laws of economics and company valuations were immediately labeled “doom and gloomers.”) More