Detail of face of Astronomical Clock on town hall in Staromestske namesti or Old Town Square in Prague in Czech RepublicA 23-year-old British student has spoken of being “trapped in a time loop” after one of the most unusual cases of extreme déjà vu has crippled the last eight years of his life. The unnamed male, whose experiences formed a case study in the Journal of Medical Case Reports, has been forced to drop out of university, stop reading newspapers or magazines, watching television or listening to the radio – because he believes that he’s seen it all before. French for ‘already seen’, the man said his feelings of déjà vu were not those of familiarity but of him relieving the past moment by moment, and were sometimes so intense that the man describes them as “frightening”. His case has baffled and intrigued doctors who examined the 23-year-old, who first experienced the sensation in 2007, shortly after he started university, because he does not exhibit any of the other neurological conditions usually associated with those who suffer from déjà vu. More