cop-phoneA police officer caught on video sleeping in his car told an Illinois man that “It’s now illegal to record a police officer in public” when the man asked him why he wasn’t patrolling the neighborhood. A local ABC News affiliate reported that student Matt Fedora confronted the cop, claiming that he’d been asleep in a parking lot near his home for hours. “You’ve been here for the past three hours,” Fedora is heard saying to the officer in the video. When the cop denied the claim, Fedora responded “Don’t lie to me, don’t lie to me.” “I’m not lying to you,” the cop said, prompting Fedora to reply “If you keep lying, I’m going to post this on Youtube.” “Oh, so you’re recording?” the cops said, before stating “Are you aware that it’s now illegal to record a police officer in public?” At which point Fedora stopped recording. More