0About 3,000 people have been linked to Islamic State militants in Turkey, says a police report. The data has prompted a red alert over possible attacks, including in NATO and the West, by the so-called “sleeper cells” of the jihadist group. A Turkish police intelligence report has urged surveillance of about 3,000 people to observe their connections with the jihadists, sources told the Turkish Hurriyet Daily News. “There are around 500-700 Turkish citizens who have joined the ranks of [Islamic State],” Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said earlier this week. Those 3,000 “possible links” to jihadists are additional to the group of about 700 Turkish fighters who are already fighting alongside Islamic State. The criminal records of foreign fighters who joined the IS militants via Turkey were absent, said the report, adding that it had created problems with security sources. More