gilaniSheriff John Carter of Wayne County, Georgia, received a hot tip in February last year that he remembers well.  The caller said he had reason to believe the Muslims of America, a mysterious Islamic commune with cult-like devotion to a radical Pakistani sheikh, was building underground bunkers on its land near the tiny town of Jesup. He immediately paid a visit to the reclusive Muslim group’s compound, where Mecca Circle turns off of Oreo Road several miles north town. About 38 people live in the commune, where women wear burqas and the men don the skullcap common among Sufi Muslims. “We haven’t had a lot of crime out there. They have not been unfriendly or rude in any way. They do want their privacy. It is a concern. We’re monitoring them, and I believe they’re monitored federally, although I don’t know that for sure because they’re not going to tell you,” Carter told WND. “But most of the concerns that bring us out there have come from outside the county.” The sheriff has a file in his office about an inch thick titled “Mecca Circle,” filled with articles and CDs about the clannish Muslim enclave that keeps an extremely low profile in Wayne County. And what about the report about those “bunkers?” More