32352f1f8d800398fa589d3b5c29652dSwitzerland has fewer people than Virginia and a smaller economy than Turkey. Yet an arcane policy move by the Swiss National Bank early Thursday rocked global financial markets. When Switzerland’s central bank ended an effort to limit the rise of the Swiss franc, the franc soared by 30% against the euro, the Swiss stock market shed a quick 10% and U.S. shares dropped in the initial shock.  How will the Swiss surprise matter to the typical American, if at all?  The limited, but coveted, array of goods that the U.S. buys from Switzerland, including watches and chocolate, will likely get more expensive. The largest Swiss companies include pharmaceutical giants and banks, but their products are not, strictly speaking, sourced in Switzerland. A strengthened franc also means Switzerland, one of the world’s most expensive countries, gets pricier for tourists. Already, there have been reports of higher ski pass rates at popular resorts. More