BN-GJ989_0112vi_F_20150112161327More Bad News for the Economy and This one’s going to leave a mark. The Dow Jones Industrial Average slipped deep into the red this afternoon, after being up as many as 282 points in the first hour of trading. But as we’ve already seen a few times in this young year, morning rallies have a way of disintegrating during the trading day. The proximate cause appears to be word circulating through the market that the German bankers are opposed to potential quantitative easing measures by the European Central Bank. But ask yourself, when were the Germans not opposed to the ECB’s QE plans? They’ve been opposed all along. Vocally opposed. So, is the market falling apart because of that, or because there is just a lot of selling pressure weighing on equities these days? Last Monday, the Dow put in its session highs in the first few minutes of trading. Last Tuesday, the market opened higher, with the Dow putting in its high for the day in the first hour of trading. It finished the day in the red (albeit well off its midafternoon lows). On Friday, again, stocks opened higher, after a generally upbeat monthly jobs report. But the gains fell apart, and the index closed down 170 points. More