2025464431When passengers step off the ferries from Bremerton and Bainbridge Island and head into downtown Seattle, homelessness is just about the first thing they see. People sleep every night on the Marion Street pedestrian bridge, a narrow span that connects the Seattle ferry terminal at Colman Dock with First Avenue. Many camp right under the Alaskan Way Viaduct, which runs above the middle section of the bridge. With traffic roaring overhead, the spot isn’t peaceful. But the number of campers has grown since last summer, according to ferry commuters who hustle past twice a day. Pedestrians almost had to tiptoe through on a recent chilly morning, picking their way past at least six people dozing under tarps and sleeping bags. “It bothers me because it’s very sad and unfortunate,” said Margo Dannemiller, 48, a Bainbridge Island-Seattle commuter. “They’re lighting fires in there. They’re urinating and defecating. It’s unpleasant, but mostly I just wish they had another option.” More