southwest-airlines-new-livery-01Southwest Airlines received a series of threats on Twitter on Monday afternoon, one of which specifically named a flight from San Diego to Dallas. The threat, from an account named @ISISgangCP, was directed at Flight 4200. The threat states “@SouthwestAIR I have a massive semi-nuclear explosive on-board flight 4200 from San Diego to Dallas. If this fails, I will shoot the plane.” There were several other Tweets directed at the airline from other Twitter accounts. Southwest Airlines responded on Twitter saying “@JetfueIs The safety of our Customers and Employees is our top priority. Your info has been given to the appropriate authorities.” A similar incident happened over the weekend involving both Southwest Airlines and Delta Air Lines. Two specific flights were named in those Twitter threats — both arrived safely at their destinations. The Transportation Security Administration declined to issue a statement and referred all questions to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which has not yet responded. More