russian-marine-ukraine-1Video footage has emerged from Russian state-controlled television reportedly shot inside the Donetsk airport in eastern Ukraine and showing troops with the insignia of the Russian Naval Infantry, or Russian Marines, on the soldiers’ uniforms, according to reports from Ukraine Today, an independent Kiev-based TV station. If true, the video further undermines Russia’s denial it is providing soldiers to fight alongside pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine. The Kremlin-backed TV station Rossiya 1 first broadcast the video on Jan. 15. The Ukraine government claims that about 700 Russian troops arrived in the country on Monday.  The footage — first analyzed by Russian internet news provider Lenta Novostiy — clearly shows a soldier in camouflage with the military insignia of the Russian Marines; but it’s unclear if that specific shot is from the Donetsk airport. The rest of the broadcast does show images of Donetsk airport, which has been devastated by months of fighting. More